One California Day

Locandina del film One California Day
  • VM12
  • Genere: Documentario Drammatico Sport e Fitness
  • Anno:2007
  • Durata: 1h:36m
  • Trama:
Follow the lives of eight California surfers in the newly released film, "One California Day." Produced by Builde Worldwide, and Co-Directed by Mark Jeremias (maker of DRIVE) and Jason Baffa (maker of Singlefin:Yellow), this super 16mm film stars Joel Tudor, Chris Malloy, Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Jimmy Gamboa, Joe Curren, Dane Perlee, and Tyler Hatzikian, with special appearances by Skip Frye, Dan and Keith Malloy, Tom Curren, Gerg Noll, and Lance Carson