Matière Grise

Locandina del film Matière Grise
  • VM14
  • Genere: Drammatico
  • Anno:2011
  • Durata: 1h:50m
  • Regista: Kivu Ruhorahoza
  • Attori:
    • Ruth Nirere(Justine)
    • Ramadhan Shami Bizimana(Yvan)
    • Kennedy Mazimpaka(Moneylender)
    • Tamim Hakizimana(Lying technician)
    • Alice Kayibanda(Jacqueline Umutoni (voice))
  • Trama:
Balthazar is a young African filmmaker on the brink of directing his first project, The Cycle of the Cockroach, a fictional story about a young woman who survived unspeakable atrocities only to find herself committed to the same mental institution as a man driven insane by the crimes he perpetrated during the war. Potential funders for the film insist the themes are too bleak and pessimistic-they encourage Balthazar to make a "message" film that raises awareness about gender-based violence or HIV/AIDS instead. But he refuses to give up. Instead of telling his production team the news, Balthazar continues preparations for the film without financing or equipment. After rehearsing a scene with each of the characters, reality blurs and scenes from the script materialize, provoking the question: Can a film like this exist only in the director's dreams? Armed with a daring and creative visual language...